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About Me

My name is Lam Panda, real name is Mai Truc Lam, living in Vietnam. I'm a guy who loves technology and writing. So I combine my two interests to create a personal blog and a blog that teaches people like me how to get on the internet.

Welcome to my blog!

Here you'll find a variety of technology and marketing-related topics focusing on helping beginners navigate the digital world.

I will cover various topics, including artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications, website creation and optimization, blogging tips and tricks, and effective marketing strategies. Whether you’re a small business owner, a blogger, or someone interested in learning more about these topics, my blog has something for you.

Many people find these topics intimidating, so I will write a beginner’s guide and break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language. I want to help you gain the confidence to navigate the digital landscape and take your business or personal brand to the next level.

So join me as we explore AI, websites, blogs, marketing, and more!

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If you are looking for a cooperation opportunity, you can contact me directly through my personal Facebook.

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